System Plast™ offers an extensive line of quality plastic conveying chain and modular plastic belts to provide solutions for a variety of standard and challenging conveying needs. Multiple resin materials are offered and can be selected to best suit the application. Our New Generation™ (NG™) proprietary low friction resin provides a lower coefficient of friction than standard acetal materials. Its reduced friction characteristics enable it to run without lubrication in many conveying applications. This creates the opportunity for sustainable savings by reducing or eliminating plant water/dry lubrication systems in addition to enabling reductions in energy use and noise.

Plastic Conveying Chains are offered in multiple families with a variety of features that provide solutions for a wide range of conveying needs:

  • Widths range from 3-1/4” up to 12” in our one-piece and two-piece families and are available in straight running or side-flexing versions depending on model.
  • Side-Flexing chains are offered in standard tab retention, bevel retention or magnetic retention. Magnetic chain eliminates tabs & bevels thus providing easier curve cleaning and maintenance as disassembly is not required.
  • Specialty models are also offered to provide solutions throughout the plant: Gripper Chain for bottle and can elevators; Low Back Pressure for reduced product accumulation pressure; Rubber Top for incline/decline product transport and Multiflex/Crate Conveyor chain for Dairy applications or crate conveyance.

Modular Plastic Belts provide the capability for wider conveying surfaces in addition to increased load ratings versus chain. Our broad offering of standard and heavy duty models provide a multitude of product conveying solutions:

  • Imperial widths of 3″ to 120″ and metric width models from 85mm to 3400mm, depending on model, ensures global customer needs are met.
  • Straight running and side-flexing variants provide application flexibility for total plant coverage.
  • In addition to standard flat top versions specialty models such as Flush Grid, Rubber Top, and Low Back Pressure
    are offered to solve unique conveying needs.

Most models are available in multiple materials such as Low Friction (LF) acetal, Extra Performance (XPG) acetal, or our exclusive low friction New Generation™ (NG) resin. See pages 6-7 for more detailed information concerning material types.

High quality molded and/or machined sprockets in a variety of teeth and bores sizes are also offered for all conveying chain and modular plastic belt products.

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