Cylinder wires are the mainstay of the carding process, doing the bulk of the work. Modern cards are clothed with very fine wire points and a card could have as many as 12 million wire points! Good carding requires all these wire points to be of exact size, height and strength.

ICC manufactures a wide range of metallic cylinder wires for different needs. Use of high grade raw materials, precision engineering and established tooth geometry combine to give wires that are tough, wear-resistant and economical.

Primus Series
Suitable for very high production rates. Primus is manufactured with high grade micro alloy steel. The special tooth design is ideal for processing cotton over a wide count range.

Maxus Series
Suitable for very high production rates with consistent quality. Maxus cylinder wires are made from micro-alloy steel with fine-grained crystalline structure for very high wear resistance and long life. An advanced heat treatment process provides an even and consistent hardness. The new ‘cut-to-point’ tooth geometry ensures tough wire tips which withstand high production rates.

Tenace Series
Made from long life alloy steel for strength and wear resistance, Tenace wires are available in height options of 2.0 mm and 2.5 mm. Tenace series wires undergo an advanced heat treatment process, which ensures an even and consistent hardness. Besides they have special tooth geometry with low tooth depth.

Stylus Series
Stylus cylinder wires are made from high carbon steel to provide a cost-effective option for high speed cards.

Crystal Series
Made from high carbon steel, this series of ‘cut to point’ cylinder wire have a zero land area. Designed with additional features like reduced blade thickness and lower tooth depth for better penetration, these wires are recommended for use in cards with cylinder speed up to 350 rpm. The ‘cut to point’ tips also ensure wire sharpness for consistent carding quality. Frequent stripping during working of the cards can be avoided.

Standard Series
Developed almost three decades ago, this series of metallic cylinder wires has stood the test of time. Made from high carbon steel, the wires are the ideal choice for slow speed cards and certain special applications.

ICC has a full range of these wires which cover almost every make of card in the world.


For positive and efficient transfer of fibres, ICC has a wide range of doffer wires to complement the cylinder wires.

These wires have a special aerodynamic design which enables transference at high speeds. Cut to point’ technology and reinforced tips ensure that they can withstand higher production rates.

These wires are recommended for synthetics and fine cotton. The serrations on the wire blade restrict slippage of the fibres and allow it to remain on the working surface. The tips are reinforced to prevent wire damage.

Recommended for universal application over a wide range of speeds.

These wires are recommended for Roller/Clearer Cards for processing long staple fibres. PPS & PPS 558 are also recommended for certain high speed revolving flat card applications.


Opening of tangled mass of fibres involves heavy work . Lickerin wire has to be very strong, with the ability to penetrate the fibre flock. ICC lickerin wires are made tough with hardened and tempered points to impart these properties. ICC has lickerin wires in Special series for all applications for grooved lickerin rolls. The Rapier series has a special design for better opening of fibres. For plain lickerin rolls, ICC has a wide range of Interlocking wires.

Standard Series
(Alloy Steel available in 1.0 and 1.20 mm)

Interlocking Lickerin Wire


For best results, proper selection of flat tops is as critical as choosing the cylinder wire. ICC manufactures a wide range of tops to suit different fibres on various makes of card.

ICC has one of the most sophisticated facilities for the manufacture of these tops, where each top is individually checked to ensure that it conforms to the required specifications. For Consistent quality over extended periods at high production levels, ICC offers the flat tops with High Tensile (HT) and Micro Alloy Steel (MAS) wires.


Triumph Tops are intended for processing cotton. The dual density of the High Tensile wire points is arranged in such a manner that it is sparse at the fibre entry point and dense towards the exit. The gentle action assures better removal of trash and neps, while avoiding fibre rupture.


Endura tops have a unique setting pattern, which distribute the wire points in the wire points in the carding direction to give maximum carding power. Recommended for both cotton and synthetics, these tops have needle-sharp points made from High Tensile wires to withstand high carding force.

Endura Plus

This is an extension of the popular Endura series. Made from Micro Alloy Steel wire, the design ensures that even the minute tufts are opened gently and progressively. The special setting pattern eliminates neps and helps in extraction of short fibres and trash. Recommended for use in fine cotton mixings.


These tops have a standard twill pattern and are available in standard and High Tensile wires. They are recommended for use in cotton and synthetics.

*Available in MAS execution also.


ICC also supplies various types of End Wires for use in cylinder, doffer, lickerin and stripper roller. Suitable ones may beselected to replace the existing end wires on the rollers.

Special wires such as CS4 have found universal acceptance for stripper roller on various makes of card. Other special wires include CS5, CRC, CCS and interlocking Feed Roller wire.

End Wires

Special Wires


For superior carding efficiency, clean and well-maintained wires and tops are a must. To enable achieve this, ICC supplies a complete range of Fillets and Sundries. Fillets which are used in various makes of card for stripping, burnishing and cleaning of wires and tops are categorized under General Fillets.

Fillets and wires, which are card specific are also available.


Crosrol MK4/MK5

Lakshmi LC 100/LC 300/LC 300A

Rieter/LR C-1/2 & C-1/3

Rieter C4/C10/C50/C51

Trutzschler DK 740/760/803/903/TC 01
Trumac DK 740/780

Rieter C60