XM-3 E/U10 N

High-strength inextensible process belt for digital ceramic decoration printers

XM-3 E/U10 N for digital ceramic decoration printers is designed to perform to the highest standards, offering full reliability and fast replacement on any roller-operated printing equipment.
XM-3 E/U10 N provides uniformity of feed, for obtaining DECORATIONS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY.
• Highest printing accuracy
• No tensioning adjustments required
• Maximum proof against inks and chemical agents
• Ease of alignment
• High stability
• Highest resistance to wear
• Superior resistance to cleaning
• Long life
Customized solutions
CHIORINO conveyor belts result from a close collaboration with leading OEMs of the ceramictile field, as well as from the continual research of innovative, tailor-made solutions sought by the CHIORINO R&D Laboratories.
Choosing CHIORINO means relying on highly qualified Service and Know-how, which guide the Customers to the product selection and assist them from installation to the after sales stage.

Working regularity = Absolute printing accuracy with any graphic design

The peculiar structure of XM-3 E/U10N ensures the best working regularity.

This consistency yields for the highest accuracy in reproducing any graphic design at any time during the belt life. Therefore, Customers can be confident of supplying decorated ceramics of the highest quality.
Load linearity
Traditional belts for roller printing equipment may require tensioning adjustments during their lifespan.
XM-3E/U10N provides perfect tensioning stability, so that no further adjustments are required after installation. This makes the belt cost effective, as higher productivity and savings on downtime can be easily achieved.

Belt design and cover finish

XM-3 E/U10 N


Technical data

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