Conveyor and process belts and flat traCHIORINO, a leading company in the international handling and power transmission sector, produces a wide range of:
for any productive process in the wood industry: from the processing of natural wood, plywood and particle board panels (MDF, HDF, OSB) right up to finishing.
As a result of the company’s long experience and close cooperation with equipment manufacturers and processing companies around the world, CHIORINO’s products guarantee maximum efficiency and durability in all applications, including critical applications such as increased resistance to abrasion, accumulation capacity, resistance to adhesives, etc.
CHIORINO operates worldwide through 15 subsidiaries and more than 100 exclusive Distributors and highly qualified Service Centres, which are able to guarantee fast assistance and installation.
The CHIORINO R&D service is able to develop and offer innovative and customized solutions to meet customers’ specific requirements. CHIORINO S.p.A. is UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and UNI EN ISO 14001 certified.smission belts for the wood industry
Features and advantages of CHIORINO conveyor and transmission belts

CHIORINO jointing systems and equipment
CHIORINO conveyor belts can be made endless with jointing systems that guarantee maximum RESISTANCE, FLEXIBILITY and DURABILITY in most applications, including the most arduous ones.
Thermoplastic conveyor belts can be made endless using “FAST JOINT” systems and equipment. Alternatively, metal or plastic fasteners can be used which allow fast, on-the-spot installation without dismantling the machine or plant.


The DG2/60 drive belts, made from elastomers specifically designed to ensure high grip over time, are specifically recommended for the processing of the items (drilling of panels, etc.).
In the final phases, the unit is subjected to pressing that allows the assembly of the various components. The 2M8 U0-V5 FM and 2M12 U0-V3 feeder belts are highly resistant to abrasion and offer the correct friction coefficient that allow the material to flow properly.


For roller coating machines CHIORINO offers polyurethane and PVC belts such as 2M5 U0-U2 HP blue A, 2M12 U0-U3 R A, 2M8 U0-V5 A and 2M12 U0-V3. For the drying tunnel after the painting, SILON 40 HC and SILON 60 HC are recommended.


CHIORINO produces “WD” belts that have been specifically designed for polishing, gauging, planing and glazing machines in various hardnesses and with various surface impressions that offer high performance capable of satisfying the most varied work requirements. Our technical assistance service is at the customers’ disposal to offer the product that is most suited to the customers’ particular needs.


CHIORINO produces elastomer and silicone membranes for the veneering of panels. Used on the membrane, air and oil presses. CHIORINO membranes guarantee optimal resistance to high pressures, perfect planarity on the transport side, maximum surface flexibility for precise adherence to the shaped panel, resistance to high temperatures and are very easy to clean.
The CHIORINO membranes are produced in 100/200 meter rolls, in the standard widths and thicknesses indicated in the table. Other thicknesses can be supplied on request and for minimum quantities.

The technical data contained in this table was obtained in standard environmental conditions. Any modifications can be made without prior notice.
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