HACCP conveyor and process belts for confectionery
Chiorino HACCP conveyor and process belts satisfy all demanding applications in the processing and packaging of chocolate, pastry, sweets, candies, chewing-gum, toffees, marshmallows.
Wide range of coefficients of friction
Superior resistance to abrasion and to most aggressive fats and oils
No edge fray
Very high flexibility
Resistance to low temperature
– Perfect product positioning on the belt
– Superior belt’s life expectation
– No contamination by fibres
– Knife edge. Energy saving
– Long service life
Dehesive line – Excellent release properties
The Chiorino HP® dehesive belts offer excellent release of any kind of sticky product.
The high release properties are guaranteed by both low friction and high friction HP® belts.

Muesli Conveying

– Non marking
– Easy to clean
– Excellent product’s transfer
– Perfect product’s positioning
Excellent alternative to silicone belts.
Scrapers can be used.

Sticky Dough Release

Sticky caramel extrusion and conveying

Gum candies conveying

Cooling tunnel infeed

Candied fruit processing
elastic belts
The Chiorino HP® elastic belts can be easily fitted on spreaders or electronic check-weighers, assuring the following benefits:
– Total feeding precision
– No load relaxation
– Quick and easy to fit and replace
without take-up
– Fully HACCP compliant thanks to their
  extraordinary resistance to cleaning
– White and blue surface and a wide
  range of patterns
flat or timing belts for vertical form-fill-sealers
CHIORINO manufactures truly endless belts for vertical form-fill seal machines, with different coverings according to the type of packaging used:
L raspberry 35 sh.A
HS W white 40 sh.A
R purple red 45 sh.A
B beige 55 sh.A
Also available with special executions
such as cuntersunks, punched holes, diagonal slots, groovings.

Chocolate packaging
Cakes check-weighing

Candies vertical form-fill-sealing
At the forefront of hygiene and food safety
The Chiorino HP® conveyor and process belts are today the leading products for the food Industry as far as hygiene, performance and working life are concerned.
The HP® belts fully support all the HACCP procedures through the whole food manufacturing process.
    – Total respect of the HACCP system
    – Easy to clean
    – Excellent release properties
    – Long working life

Extraordinary resistance to cleaning systems
The HP® belts do not undergo deterioration due to the Clean-in-Place and continuous washing and sanitization processes with warm water, steam, foam and aggressive detergents.
– Total food safety and hygiene
– Significant Time, Water and Energy saving
The HP® Product System guarantees total edge fray resistance, offering perfect operation and long belt’s service.
– No product contamination with fibres
– Superior belt life expectation
If required, PROCHLEAN™ sealed edges can be made either on monoply or multiply conveyor belts.
– Knife edge running
– Total food safety and hygiene

Certified Food Compliance

To protect Consumer’s health, CHIORINO process and conveyor belts com

ply with the latest european and international Food Regulations:
REGULATION EC 1935/2004 and amendments
REGULATION EC 2023/2006 and amendments
REGULATION EU 10/2011 and amendments
FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
The careful selection of raw materials, the constant adjustment by R&D Department to the legislative developments in food safety, the strict controls throughout the production process (Good Manufacturing Practices) guarantee total food compliance of CHIORINO belts.
Declarations of compliance as prescribed by law are available for every CHIORINO food belt.
Thus, the Customers are certain to use materials that fully comply with the HACCP system.