Power transmission belts
Power transmission belts

You can choose from the new Chiorino Polyester power transmission belts for high speed machines, when your main goal is to reduce energy consumption, or you can decide for the robust and resilient Polyamide power transmission belts, especially known for their reliability and safety.

T-E series
Polyester belts with
CHIO-TPETM intermediate layer
Key features

• High longitudinal flexibility

• High modulus of belt elasticity
• Uniform belt thickness, gentle and vibration free running
Application criteria

• Suitable for high speed machines with small pulley diameters and numerous reverse bendings

• Suitable for long machines with limited take-up
• Suitable for long, highspeed
machines having many bearings and pulleys
T HS series
Polyamide belts with
® elastomer cover
Key features

• Robust and resilient
• Suitable for short term overload
• High temperature resistance
Application criteria

• Suitable for high mechanical stress
• Suitable for aggressive acceleration
• Suitable for extreme environments

Technical data

1) The diameter values listed here are dependent upon the running speed.
The data in this chart are valid under normal environmental conditions and are subject to change without notice.

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