Multi- Cylinder High Speed Sizing Machine


RBE High Speed Multi Cylinder Sizing machine, an ultra modern machine is the result of our wide experience in the field of sizing and of technological innovation. Designed to produce high quality sized beam at reduced cost to achieve highest weaving efficiency. Designed to suit the modern concept of shuttle less weaving by means of innovative & ingenious technology. Automatic & computerized controls, set new standards for perfect synchronization of sizing parameters. The system is designed to meet specific customer requirements to achieve optimum sizing performance irrespective of the type of yarn such as cotton, synthetic and blended, spun yarn, filament including zero-twist and texturised yarn and yarns for weaving terry fabric.

  • Sturdy & composite design enables vibration free and efficient beaming of all types of yarn under uniform tension even at higher Speed.
  • Single beam or double beam mounting. Strong beam carriage with multiple shaft traverse. Motorized/manual traverse arrangement. Motorised beam donning & doffing for various beam width.
  • Rubber coated delivery roll with double nip arrangement. Individual pneumatic loading & lifting arrangement for nip roll.
  • Vertical striking comb with pitch & width adjustment, built in oscillation provided to reduce dent abrasion.
  • Pneumatic / hydraulic beam pressing device with double roll arrangement.
  • Elegant and conveniently located electrical and pneumatic control panel.
  • Traverse roll for producing high quality pile beams for terry fabric weaving.
  • Custom built to suit weavers beams of various diameters & working widths.
  • Wide tension range with programmable uniform beam tension control
  • Multi point A.C. frequency controlled drive with PLC based auto tension control for dry zone-wet zone-positive feed zone.
  • Dual point hyperbolic D.C. drive with VSP tensioning arrangement for controlling tension /stretch in dry-wet zone-positive feed zone.
  • Heavy duty structural frame.
  • Split drying arrangement like Syncro-2, Syncro-4 (Horizontal/ Vertical) with multiple size boxes.
  • Drying cylinders made of stainless steel with reverse dished ends. Teflon coated
  • cylinders for initial drying.
  • Individual steam traps for efficient removal of condensate. Large individual steam rotary joints with Siphon pipe. Flexible copper tubes for steam and condensate removal.
  • Positively driven drying cylinders. Slip clutch drive to drying cylinders in initial drying zone to compensate for yarn shrinkage.
  • Temperature controller in group / individual for drying cylinders.
  • Pre-dryers for semi-wet dyed warp Beams
  • Size boxes with single/multiple dips & multiple squeezes.
  • Stainless steel size vat with direct / indirect heating, designed, to provide better circulation of size regardless of speed and assure equal heat distribution.
  • Bottom rolls-stainless steel cladded size rolls. ‘Size RoK’ rubberised bottom size rolls.
  • Top squeeze rolls- anti deflection type rolls and solid rolls with Nitrile / Dayton /
  • Red-rider synthetic rubber covers.
  • Pneumatic squeeze pressure control by programmable, automatic step less pressure change with respect to Speed. Individual rolls provided with pneumatic loading / lifting arrangement.
  • Immersion cum squeeze type rubberized immersion Roll.
  • Positive dry feed attachment with Safety clutch.
  • Electronic size level controller, over-flow tank with gear pump, temperature control unit.
  • Squeeze pressure upto 3000 Kg for specific customer requirement.
  • Rigid & heavy structural frame. Horizontal/ vertical / zig zag type creel frames. Beam brackets double roll type, telescopic.
  • Pneumatic creel beam brakes. Uniform web tension control for (individual / groups) warper beams.
  • Magazine movable creel for specific customer requirement.

Sizing machine Programmable Controller Model¬SMC-I

  • Automatic programmable temperature control with digital display for drying cylinders in groups I Individual.
  • Automatic programmable temperature control with digital display for individual size box.
  • Automatic step-less squeeze pressure control with respect tothe speed with digital display.
  • Automatic programmable stretch / tension control with digital display in all zones.
  • Machine speed indication, programmable predetermined warp length indication with digital display.
  • Programmable style / Sort setting with recall memory.
  • Automatic programmable moisture controller to control the speed of the sizing machine, online, with respect to the set moisture content in yarn.
  • Triple swivel type moisture sensing rollers along the width of warp sheet, to sense the moisture on selvedge ends & center of warp sheet.
  • Beam let-off device to process sectional warping beams.
  • Adjustable carriage to suit different beam widths.
  • Pneumatic let-off tension controller.
  • Available in single/multiple beam mountings.