Spray Dyeing Machine/ Hank Dyeing Machine

Automatic / Semi Automatic Spray Dyeing Machine (Hank Dyeing Machine) This Model Dyeing Machine has been specially designed for dyeing of yarns in Hank from including wool, soft mercerized Cotton, Viscose, Ploymide, Silk and high bull acrylics. RK Tex is designed to dye at temperature of up to 980 and starting liquor ratio 1:4 depending on the loading factor and nature of yarn.

Technical Features:
  • Main vessel, Rotating arms, Circulation pump, Additional Tank made out of SS316L / SS316Ti grade.
  • Main door hinged with hood for easy opening and closing with the help of dead weight / pneumatic piston.
  • High efficient Circulation Pump coupled with Electrical Motor and mechanical shaft seal,
  • Mirror polished perforated tubes with dish shaped front and rear disc for hassle free movement of the yarn.
  • Rotating hank displacing pipes are fitted with Teflon bushes.
  • Pair of rotating gears which is driven by common geared motor.
  • Inclined roof of special design, hence no dripping on the hanks.
  • Geared motors for each pair of arms, with individual valves in the line so that it can switched off when drying smaller lot.
  • AC inverter to control the flow of the liquor in order to maintain the required flow.
  • Specially designed seamless pipe heating coil for quick heating with pneumatic operated valves and steam trap/ 3 way valve.
  • Manually / Pneumatic controlled valves for water inlet and water outlet.
  • Limit switch on the opening hood for the operator safety.
  • Magnetic level indicator.
  • Perforated removable filter.
  • Spot light inside the machine for inspection of material.
  • Electrical heater also available depends the requirement.