HT/HP Vertical Yarn Dyeing Machine

HT/HP Vertical Yarn Dyeing Machines have become the first choice of yarn dyeing industry. Our Machines are designed with latest technology in which you can achieve better results as well as saving time and energy.The High flexibility and compatibility design features make the machine suitable for Dyeing Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Acrylic, Silk, Viscose etc. In Package Form and Dyeing Fiber, Cotton, Wool, Artificial Silk, Muffs, Tapes, Hair, Ropes, Satin etc.. In loose forms by using suitable carriers. Our Dyeing Machines which can be run in fully flooded mode with the help of high pressure liquor circulation pump to maintain 4kg / cm2 to 5Kg / cm2 pressure, Depending the nature of material & loading parameters.

RK Tex Dyeing Machines are designed to operate under air pad mode, where the pressurization is realized through the generation of an air cushion in the upper part of the kier the value, with the following technological advantages. The air is never in contact with the yarn so the problem of hydrolysis can be eliminated. Air pad pressurization permits to inject dyestuffs and chemicals direct into main liquor Circuit, ┬░thereby saving Dyes, Chemicals, Thermal Energy, and Water with low
as material to Liquor Ratio 1:4 to 1:6.

Dyeing Machines are fabricated from the best quality of corrosion resistant Stainless Steel, SS 316Ti / SS 316L grade for all major wetted parts. All Pressure parts and components are designed, manufactured and inspected according to the maximum working temperature of 140┬░c & Maximum working pressure 5.5kg /cm2.

HT/HP Vertical Yarn Dyeing Machine

Salient Features
  • Very Low Liquor Ratio
  • Highly Efficient Turbo Main Pump
  • High Pressure Injection Pump
  • Available in Fully Automatic &Semi-Automatic Machines
  • Heating Coil made out of seamless pipes for quick heat transfer & more life
  • Easily operating new technological programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Extra Safety pressure release valve with diaphragm / piston
  • Variable Loading capacity carriers (Yarn , Fiber, Rope, Zip etc…)
  • Inverters Driven Turbo Pump for Variable Flow Control, and Saves Power factor
  • Two Machines & more, coupled of same capacity could be increase batch quantity
  • Gravity Lock Nuts for easy to lock the pole, working of gravity force
  • Fine Quality – Grid Surface Finishing

Spray Dyeing Machine/ Hank Dyeing Machine

Automatic / Semi Automatic Spray Dyeing Machine (Hank Dyeing Machine) This Model Dyeing Machine has been specially designed for dyeing of yarns in Hank from including wool, soft mercerized Cotton, Viscose, Ploymide, Silk and high bull acrylics. RK Tex is designed to dye at temperature of up to 980 and starting liquor ratio 1:4 depending on the loading factor and nature of yarn.

Technical Features
  • Main vessel, Rotating arms, Circulation pump, Additional Tank made out of SS316L / SS316Ti grade.
  • Main door hinged with hood for easy opening and closing with the help of dead weight / pneumatic piston.
  • High efficient Circulation Pump coupled with Electrical Motor and mechanical shaft seal,
  • Mirror polished perforated tubes with dish shaped front and rear disc for hassle free movement of the yarn.
  • Rotating hank displacing pipes are fitted with Teflon bushes.
  • Pair of rotating gears which is driven by common geared motor.
  • Inclined roof of special design, hence no dripping on the hanks.
  • Geared motors for each pair of arms, with individual valves in the line so that it can switched off when drying smaller lot.
  • AC inverter to control the flow of the liquor in order to maintain the required flow.
  • Specially designed seamless pipe heating coil for quick heating with pneumatic operated valves and steam trap/ 3 way valve.
  • Manually / Pneumatic controlled valves for water inlet and water outlet.
  • Limit switch on the opening hood for the operator safety.
  • Magnetic level indicator.
  • Perforated removable filter
  • Spot light inside the machine for inspection of material.
  • Electrical heater also available depends the requirement.

Fiber Carrier

We manufacture and supply technically advanced range of Fiber Carriers, can be dye cotton, polyester, viscose, nylon in hanks form and also dye fiber wool, artificial silk, muffs, tapes, ropes, zips, satin, etc… in loose form. Our entire product range is acclaimed for easy installation and minimum maintenance. These products are utilized in varied textile firms. Our entire product range is energy efficient in nature and is well-configured with advanced technologies and methods.

  • Carriers made out of SS 316 L / SS316Ti
  • Long life because of using required thickness
  • Variable loading carriers with plate and pipe will be optional supply

Yarn Carrier

We are an amazing organization involved in production of Package Yarn Carrier to our clients. This Package Yarn Carrier is available in varied diameter range and size. It gives sound performance for years and is developed by using host of material. This Package Yarn Carrier is available in excellent range and is customized according to details of our beloved clients. But the best thing about our range is that it is available at leading market price.

  • In Package Yarn Carriers Can be dye Cotton, Polyester, Viscose, Nylon yarns in package forms.
  • Perforated triangular poles available in different dia and sizes
  • Material of Construction: SS 316/ SS 316 L/SS304

Coupled Yarn Dyeing Machine

R.K Tex offers Coupled Dyeing Machine is suitable for matching capacity dyeing plants can be operated in coupled mode to give a uniform shade to a large production; coupled machine is reducing cost of dyes with less MLR. It can also be operated individually to ensure greater flexibility and economy.

Product ranges

1 Kg to 1000Kgs

Sample Dyeing Machine

Sample Dyeing machines, which is specifically designed to develop samples of fibers and yarns. The machines are controlled by programmable controllers, Owing to the single dyeing vessel, a single colour can be dyed at the time. Our machines are flexible instruments to be used for all packages dyeing plant. This assortment is accessible in various liquor ratio, flow rate and process techniques. The capacity of dyeing machine can be determined by the yarn to be dyed. Moreover, the formula attained in this machine is also used in production unit. Development in the industrial production can be performed by first implementing it on the sample machine. If several samples are required to be dyed at varied pressure and temperature, the number of sample machines can be increased.

  • Turbo Pump
  • Programmable controller
  • Batch capacity as little as 100gms
  • Provided with pneumatic operated control valves
  • Heating & Cooling provision are provided

Room Drier

RK Tex make Room Driers adapted at the highly advanced technology, its equipped with the Steam/ Thermic Fluid Oil Cycling and the Superior heat exchanger insulation system. Machine is consists of mild steel enclosed with insulating glass wool walls for reducing heat losses. Air circulating Fans are dirven by suitable electric motor, Fan is directly coupled with suitable motors, Radiators are made out of seamless pipe with long life, Electrical Panel Borad coupled with sensor and digital display temperature indicator. Easy handling cheese loading trolleu (provide for suitable capacity).

Product ranges

10 Kgs to 3000 Kgs

HT/HP Beaker Dyeing Machine

RK Tex Semi Automatic machines with 4,6,8,10 & 12 Beakers suitable for developing dyeing recipe for cotton, Polyester, Nylon Yarns, Zipper tapes, Sewing threads, Viscose etc.
The machine is equipped with temperature controller, micro processor, Electrical heating coil & cooling pipes. Electric motor with gearbox assembly for forward and reverse running.


– 1/2 Hp – 1Hp


– 0.37KW – 0.75 KW

Mechanical Shaft Seal

We are the manufacturer of complete range mechanical shaft seals for Dyeing Machine Pumps, Oil refineries, Agricultural, Domestic and Automotive Water pumps, Acid, Goal Tar, Fuel Oil, Spirit, Pulp, Solid, Zinc, Plating Solutions…& More.

  • Body of the Mechanical Seals : SS316 / SS316L / SS 304 / Alloy 20 / Monel / PTFE / AM-350 / Hastelloy – B, C
  • Face Combination : Tungsten Carbide, Silicon Carbide, Carbon Stellite, Bronze, Ceramic & More.
  • Shaft Diameter : 12 to 150mm
  • Operating Pressure : Upto 12 bar
  • Seal Operating temperature : -60 deg C to + 300 deg C

– 0.37KW – 0.75 KW

Can Carrier

Can Carrier is specially designed for Wools / Fiber, could be dye required size, like cake format. Can Carriers available in various sizes & kinds, easily unloading of tops, can carrier helps to No Shrinkage during the Process.

Material of Construction:


Mechanical Shaft Seal

RK Tex Make Gravity Lock Nuts with standard threads M16; also we supply in ‘A”, 5/8 WW, M10, and M12 etc… Gravity Lock Nuts for easily operating & giving gravity force. While doing dyeing process. Easy loading and unloading of the cheese Yarn Packages, No time is required for Locking the Packages. Gravity Locknuts moves down along with the cheese Packages, giving adequate support to the Yarn, helping uniform Circulation.

Material of Construction:

SS 316L / SS316Ti